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Plastic Tree just updated the news on their website!

Ryutaro’s gonna be discharged soon!

His doctor says he’s gonna be okay to sing again.

They caught his illness early so he’s recovering fast :D

And they thank all of the Kurage for their support.


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    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m so happy *——————————*
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    thank god! so releaved!
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    > _ < What a relief! We love you Ryutaro!!
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    Aaaah that’s so great! Now I won’t have to randomly think of that tonight when I’m drunk and depressed.
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    So happy to hear
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    I’m so happy all of our prayers have been granted! >w
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    kdkcdiiofoepf;;; YESSSSS!!!!!! : D
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    This is beyond amazing!♥
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